Fuengirola’s youth have their say on Costa del Sol initiative

Initiatives aimed at young people: Creation of sports days Credit: Shutterstock

福恩吉罗拉的青年理事会欢迎几个政府部门的参与,以促进体育领域针对年轻人的各种举措亚博足彩平台, Education, Culture and Festivities. A recent meeting gave the young people of Fuengirola a voice making them participants in decision-making on issues related to this sector of the population.

会议期间, the department requested that the database of people interested in receiving information on activities should be expanded. In addition, a survey to know the tastes and preferences of youth and adolescents should be distributed among the youth representatives of the secondary schools.

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The Youth Council also proposed the creation of sports days where young people can meet and practice the different pastimes that are offered by the Department of Sport.

Also, they suggested the development of a series of TED-type talks, that is, small conferences of about fifteen minutes on different topics that result from the interest of young people, such as Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Art or History.


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