WATCH:飞行恐惧由于飞机已经回到西班牙五年后不成功的尝试土地 Credit: Shutterstock

“Great panic aboard this plane which attempted to land at Schiphol. Because of the storm, despite FIVE attempts it didn’t succeed. The plane therefore returned to Madrid Barajas.” – Twitter RTL Nieuws

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Credit: Twitter RTL Nieuws

More than 300 passengers were on board the flight, which took off at 3pm on Sunday from Madrid, destination Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Due to raging storm Ciara the plane was repeatedly unable to land causing panic to break out within the passengers who began to shriek in terror.

In a video posted by RTL Nieuws, a woman is heard breaking down into tears as the plane fights through extreme turbulence.

The footage shows the back of a seat and picks up the violent shaking of the craft in its unsuccessful attempts to land which causes an incredibly distressed passenger to break down in hysterical sobs.

A spokeswoman for Air Europa said:‘The Flight UX1093 from Madrid to Amsterdam couldn’t land at Amsterdam airport due to bad weather and returned to Madrid. ‘Passengers were attended to at all times, accommodated in hotels and alternatives to reach their destinations the day after were managed by our staff.’


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